Italy 1944

The partisans are fighting against nazi forces, the war is near to end...

All hopes are nearly lost. But soldiers still fight for their lives, and for their freedom.

The regimes no longer count, orders have no more value, only live or die.

The dark face of the most brutal human invention.


The short teaser trailer


This teaser was created for the hystoric film, Io C'ero.

Unfortunately due to some problems related to bureaucracy and budjet,

the director has decided to stop shootings.

Absynth Theory helped this guys with technical equipment.

And took care about filming and edit some of the scenes.


Following you can find another two little music teaser extracted from the film.

-The first one is the beginning of the film.

-The second one is dedicated to the director,

as the last goodbye and thankgiving for all the time spent together in the set.


I hope in the future this project could be revived.





Daniele Coldebella (Director) and Gianluigi Dalle Fusine (Co Director)

They both were also actors in the film.